Affiliated Distributors

Hubbard is a proud member of Affiliated Distributors (A-D), the largest wholesale buying and marketing group in North America. A-D provides companies like Hubbard with the support and resources needed to accelerate growth. This translates into buying power and market strength, added values we pass on to our customers in the form of cost competitiveness and the capability to introduce market-leading product innovation.


Edge Group

Hubbard is a proud member of Edge Marketing and Procurement. Edge is a distributor-owned buying and marketing group with the strength, expertise, inventory, and sales equivalent of national distributors in the industrial electronics, data communications and low voltage industries.


As an owner member of supplyFORCE, Hubbard Supply Co. and our valued customers have access to more than 175 distributors with 2,900 stocking locations in areas including electrical, industrial, and safety, and pipe, valves and fittings. This expands our MRO capabilities and allows us to create national, multi-location, multi-commodity integrated supply and sourcing agreements for our customers.


3M Premiere

In order to partner with 3M as a Premier Service Distributor, we’ve demonstrated our company’s strength and our commitment to providing ongoing support to our customers. We are dedicated to bringing you value for the long haul.


As a 3M Premier Service Distributor, we receive notice of the newest 3M products -- often before the rest of the market -- and enjoy special promotions and unique offers. With extra lead time and direct access to the latest and greatest in 3M products and pricing, we are poised to help you keep your business on the cutting edge.


We have a dedicated 3M Certified Specialist on our team, ready to provide personalized solutions for even your toughest applications. Our Certified Specialist receives specialized product training at 3M headquarters and works closely with 3M’s local product specialists. Our entire sales staff has access to online and field-based training as well as enhanced product information. These resources give us an understanding of 3M product solutions you won’t find anywhere else.